Children's Eye Exams in Odessa, TX


It's never too early to focus on your children's eye health and vision.

Their sense of sight is important at every age and every stage of development.

Not to worry if your child is nervous about their eye exam. Our optometrists are experienced with children and can put them at ease. Many kids even think their eye exams are fun! And, if your child does need glasses, we offer a wide selection of colors and styles that will make them smile.

Book their appointment today to set them up for success-and a lifetime of healthy vision.


The American Optometric Association recommends that children have exams at the following intervals:

  • A comprehensive exam to establish a baseline between the ages of 6 and 12 months
  • Another comprehensive exam as they grow and develop between the ages of 3 and 5
  • Annual, comprehensive exams starting before 1st grade and continuing until adulthood

Proper vision is essential for children's success-in life and academics. Beyond just seeing what's in front of them at school, visual skills are needed for social, cognitive, and motor skill development.

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Children aren't born with the visual skills they need-they develop them over time, just like they develop the ability to walk and talk.

Good visual skills are essential to learning. Approximately 80% of what children learn happens through their vision. Whether it's reading, interacting with other kids, throwing a ball around, or seeing what the teacher writes on the board, eyesight is involved.

If you want to set them up for success, it's essential that visual skills develop normally. Children who start school with undiagnosed vision problems may struggle to keep up in class. They may be misdiagnosed with ADHD or another behavioral disorder.

Undiagnosed vision problems can also lead to:

  • Learning at a slower rate than their peers
  • Behavioral and disciplinary problems
  • Higher risk of dropping out of school


There are many milestones in a baby's visual progression. Here's what to expect at some critical stages:

There are many milestones in a child's visual progression. Here's what to expect at some critical stages:

  • Ages 4 to 5: Children grow and develop a lot around this age, so it's recommended that they get a comprehensive eye exam
  • Ages 6 to adulthood: It's recommended that everyone starts getting annual eye exams in first grade and continue getting them through adulthood

  • To ensure your child develops visual skills at the appropriate pace, be sure to bring them in for comprehensive eye exams.
Please note that we can't treat children younger than four years old.


If children are experiencing a vision issue, they are often unable to articulate the problem-they might not even know there is a problem.

Unlike adults, children have not established a baseline of what proper vision looks like for them.

Bringing your child for regular eye exams can help establish that baseline. We can help detect any vision problems early on. Book their appointment today!