Could Intense Pulse Light Eye Therapy Help You?

Find out by consulting our Optometrists in Odessa, TX

If you deal with chronic dry eye, intense pulse light eye therapy could significantly reduce your symptoms.

However, eye light therapy isn't right for everyone, so consult the optometrist at Feeser EyeCare in Odessa, TX before you decide to undergo this procedure.

Dr. Feeser can...

  • Explain how light therapy can increase tear production
  • Answer any questions you have about the procedure
  • Help you explore other treatment options, if needed

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What causes dry eye?

Your eyes contain meibomian glands, which produce a film that lubricates your eyes. Oils and other substances can clog those pores and contribute to dry eye.

A popular way to treat dry eye is intense pulse light therapy, which is designed to break up blockages in the meibomian glands. To learn more about eye light therapy, contact Feeser EyeCare in Odessa, TX.